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Mental asylum fanfiction

- Words: 4,439 - Reviews: 2 - Favs: 2 - Follows: 3 - Published: 2/2/2011 - id: 6709721. Plot half makes sense so excusse me plisss. Karen and Frank meet when they're both sent to in an inpatient mental health facility. They never expect to bond the way they do. Frank and Karen are both 17 at the start of this story. This is for a November Prompt List. Today's prompt is: 'There are two great days in a person's life - the day we are born and the day we discover why' - William Barclay. Maka glared out the car window, ignoring her parent's idle chatter in the front seats. Are they actually stupid? If they want her to get better so bad they should at least know better than to pretend they're happy. That just makes her feel worse. She stared at the leaflet in her hand, labelled: Abraham Springs Mental Institution for Troubled Youth. She sighed in exasperation before casting her eyes back out the window. It was this institution that they were headed to now. The fact that she was going there was decided without her. It was decided before she'd even woken up. It's Complicated \\ Lams Mute AU by Canada. "Darkness rises and light to meet it," Natalie mindlessly falls in love with a boy whom she's never met before. As her next door neighbor, she only sees glimps. "Come on, Killer," She giggled placing a hand on his chest. "You never play with me." "I don't play your games, sweetheart." She circled. Maka blinked open her eyes with difficulty as they felt as heavy as bricks. Her vision went from black to a semi-normal grey colour as she looked around the room. White. That was the first thing that came to her mind. Only when she smelt that antiseptic smell did she realise where she was. but can view as just really close friends. I look well depressing doing two suicide based stories. Yeah I know, but the who mental hospital story theme is by far my favourite one so I just had to have a go. Can't deny that stories as deep as ones with suicide have the best impact. And they're easy to write and I'm lazy. Anyhow, first chapter to Troubled Youth. and i needed more mental patients than just luisa and rose. "Don't." she said sharply, looking to her with narrowed eyes. Her mother stifled a cry a walked out quickly, her father following steadily. The woman in the doorway finally stepped in and shut the door behind her. Only then did Maka notice the clipboard in her hand and the pen tucked behind her ear and stifled a groan. Councillor. Rated: Fiction M - English - Horror/Romance - Alice, Bella, Edward, James - Chapters: 2. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. Your review has been posted. 1. Insane asylum chapter 1 2. Insane asylum chapter 2. "we're g-g-going t-to find each other, o-okay?" stanley took in a shaky breath before responding. "promise?" "p-promise.". Love comes in all kinds of forms; genuine, twisted, unconditional, and pure. Jedidiah Sawyer had never experienced love in any way, shape, or form. However, that all changed when he met you. Thanks to your qualifications, you became an intern for a psychiatrist at Gorman House Youth Reformery. Dealing with patients was a hassle, but you grew an attraction to Jedediah. You felt sympathy for him, yet a part of you knew that a killer like him could never change. Will your dangerous, yet tempting attraction to Jedediah lead you onto a path of death? Or will you realize that your heart is making a grave mistake? While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! A Marble Hornets fanfiction. The story starts about a month after Entry #87 from Tim's perspective. "You're different from the others. The others they hurt us. They think the pain will drive the madness away.". "Maka," her Mum began slowly, her eyes narrowed. "What do you me-". Maka ended up in Marie's office. It was quite homely for an office. She sat before her and twiddled her thumbs. Marie watched this and wrote something down. Maka frowned and pulled her hands apart, Marie jotted something down again. Maka suppressed a growl of annoyance. "So, Maka," Marie began, her voice already coated in sympathy. "I heard your story from Azusa and it just about broke my heart. Do you want to talk about it?" "No," Maka said immediately, meeting Marie's eyes with her own blankly, hoping to give nothing away. "There's nothing to talk about." Marie's eyes clouded with pain, "Maka, I know you haven't been able to talk to someone recently but that's different now. There are people here who will actually understand you, know what you're going through and some who have gone through worse. You're on the same road, Maka. If you want to get better, we need to talk." "No," Maka said again. " They need to talk to get better. I need to be left alone." "No one can recover on their own, not even someone like you." "Someone like me?" "You've been enduring this for a while now, haven't you?" she asked, looking to the papers on her lap. Maka shuffled in discomfort. "From your diagnosis I can see this was a long term thing. Want to tell me about that?" "Will it make you leave me alone?" "Yes." "Fine, I tried to end it all because there was nothing left. It wasn't getting better. I had nothing to look forward to and nothing made me happy. Hell, I have yet to understand what happy feels like. But I can't be helped because this is who I am. I was brought up in such a negative environment that it seeped into me and made me who I am today. You can't change that no matter how much you want to." Marie folded her arms over the clipboard, leaning forward as she analysed her patient. Marie narrowed her eyes before jotting something down and leaning toward her patient again. "Maka, everyone in their life feels like there's no point at some point. You just had more reason to believe it. But you can get better as long as you c. "Camilla, Jacob come in. Thank you Tony, i'll press the button if we need help." Dr. Martin spoke to the guard, Tony nodded in approval. Dr Clara Ricci works at Briarcliff manor where everyday, she witnesses the horrors that the patients have to go to. When the mysterious Dr Thredson arrives, the thoughts and feelings of mental health that she has built up over the years will be questioned along with the antics of the Bloodyface kill. "Good morning Adrian." I say to my boss. He prefers people calling him by his first name as 'Mr. Welling' seems to formal for him. Crazy * cra - zy \ˈkrā-zē\- being out of the ordinary. We walk in silence to Dr. Martin. A guard had followed us the whole way. As soon as we reach his door I give a knock. "So, Jacob." He says as we all sit down, "Will you be able to speak better with Camilla in the room?". Cra·zy /ˈkrāzē/ adjective Mentally deranged, especially as manifested in a wild or aggressive way. When Sheik was seven, he murdered two men, was diagnosed as a psychopath, and his family had him sent to a mental facility to ride out the rest of his life. At least, that's what the records say. "The rabbit hole goes deeper than you think." Shink. Modern!AU. Rating subject to change. "Alright. Anything else?" Zayn said as he stared at the patients, who groaned and roamed around. A petite blonde playing a piano caught his attention. The blonde glanced at him, blushed, then resumed playing the piano. written: 26 november words: 400 and something edited:. "I have to see him? Please tell me you're gonna be there!" He says hopefully. My eyes open wide and Jacob just smirks. I look to Jacob and give him a small sarcastic smile. "Aww i'm so happy to know you're going back home, I told you you wouldn't spend to long here." I say to Rebecca with a warm smile. Liam looked in his direction and frowned. "Stay away from Niall.&#. It's been a few hours since the fight so he should be waking soon. I wanted to speak to him about the fight before I have to take him to his therapist. Just make sure he's alright. I know he didn't do it because he saw an opportunity to fight, like what the guards think, I think it must be something deeper. As I'm about to turn to walk to the elevator, I see two guards holding down a boy with messy brown hair taking him to the lobby desk and then sent off somewhere. Wow, I would not like to take care of that. I Believe Whatever Doesn't Kill You Simply Makes You Stranger Joker Fanfic. As soon as we leave the room, guards hold onto Jacob as they cuff him, I give him an apologetic look as I knew it would happen. He and they other patient will be put under serious surveillance. i also changed schools suddenly and no longer sit next to my best friend who always gave me motivation and ideas for the book. words:300 something and something written: 13 june 2018 edited:. i am sOOO sorry i know i haven't updated in forever but i got new stans and have been swerving lanes. i still love jacob, just not as much, so have been a little unmotivated. is like this. A part of Ramona still wants to be with Gideon. All the other parts want to beat the crap out of him, though. inside Homura's soul gem, to stop her transformation into a witch. The World God Only Knows, Keima Katsuragi has some of the most extreme (and funny) wars in his head over various video game related subjects. One involved an enormous space war complete with. merge into Infini and then mentally duke it out for control of the creature. This is a Third-Option Adaptation from the game, where Ryu either resists the merge and fights Fou-Lu's Tryant dragon with his allies, or he accepts the merge and Fou-Lu takes control of Infini, easily wipes out Ryu's friends, and proceeds to destroy the world. Julian to force her hand, offering to spare. PS238, the villain of the Las Vegas arc attempts to use her Touch Telepathy to Mind Control. manga's Millennium Falcon arc, Schierke has to go inside Guts' mind using Astral Projection to snap him out of the influence of his inner beast the first time he uses the Berserker Armor. Dead No More: The Clone Conspiracy. Peter has regained his body and Otto need return to his old body (cloned by the Jackal). Thanks to the fact that his cloned body comes complete with Peter's memories, Doc Ock hops back in and battles Peter for control and wins. During the Elfheim arc, Farnese and Schierke have to journey through Casca's dreamscape and fight the monsters that roam it alongside a three-legged dog version of Guts in order to reassemble the broken pieces of Casca's mind, culminating in a showdown between Dog Guts and the manifestation of the Hawk of Darkness at the very center of the dreamscape. Honor Trip. Cell tries everything in his power, including Talking the Monster to Death, and harassing his captor. In the Doctor Who fanfiction "Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf," Rose is TEENnapped and Mind Raped by aliens who want to use the remnan. when Akito engages in a virtual battle with the ship's computer to delete its memories. In this case deleting the computer's memories was the heroic thing to do, but the computer wasn't aware of this and fought to protect itself. Both Akito and the computer chose to virtually represent themselves as Gekigangar III, the titular giant robot from Nadesico's. X-Men, the only way to save a person infected by the Brood is to kill the parasite's mind; unless you are a very good telepath you won't be able to save yourself. Heroic Resolve won't solve the matter—it is necessary for the help to be able to arrive in time in the first place. (Or, you need to be Wolverine. Or Rogue with Wolverine nearby.). The fight itself will usually use highly symbolic weapons (a chef's ladle now doubles as a BFS ), defenses (a security blanket can now block. Kira attempt to determine which personality should be granted control of the body, the Death Note, and, by extension, the world. Disney Ducks Comic Universe: In a 2002 story, Donald has to fight the Beagle Boys in Uncle Scrooge's dreams before the Boys find out the combination to Scrooge's vault. For those on the outside, it's usually obvious that the character is Fighting from the Inside. The Avengers played with this one in the 2001 annual, involving Hank Pym's separate personalities (Goliath, the cold unfeeling reason, and Yellowjacket, the impulsive showoff) who hated each other's guts getting dumped into a psychic landscape that was supposed to represent the original's mind after they were physically separated into two people in the real world. Initially, they started fighting for control, even trying to force Janet (who was back together with him at the time) to choose which one would live. Only after they both accepted the previously ignored third aspect (the human combination of both) were they put back together, keeping him from dying. features a power struggle of two Sith Lords in each other's minds. Lightsaber fights are blank compared to what they can achieve in that state. Show Within a Show, combining this trope with Fearful Symmetry. Multiple battles occur in the Death Note fanfic "Zenith, Darkness, Reverie,"..